Vata production lines

pak ab sabalan plant employs 150 highly traind and educated personel it has state of the art krones packaging lines with capacity of   30.000 bph in stalled for 1.5 L and another bottling line with capacity of 14.000 bph for 0.5 L bottels.An 8.000bph line for 330 cc and 1 liter bottles as well as a 6.000 cups-ph line. The factory also produces its needed caps and P.E.T pereforms with world leading arburg and Nestal machines in-house.Sours of the brand <vata spring> at 2.700 meters above sea level is located in the sabalan mountain with output of up to 1.000 liter-per-second. The location of the plant has a great logistic advantage.


Quality Control

Ingredients Mg / liter
PH 7.1
total hardness 50.2
TDS 71.2
Sodium 4.6
Nitrate 2.5
chloride 0.1>
fluoride 0.11
magnesium 2.2
calcium 9.6